T.B.M.S Schedule

1st Period - iBoost Business

We created this course simply because we wished someone would have done this for us when we were younger. Getting a credit boost can really change your life, drastically. Having lower interest rates alone save you so much money. Not to mention other benefits like being able to apply for more credit products, having a better approval rates, lower down payments or none at all on cars and homes, etc. Credit boosting open doors to higher credit limits on your credit cards and believe it or not a personal credit boost can increase funding for your business. We believe anyone with a 740 credit score or less will benefit from having their credit boosted. This service is a must have.

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2nd Period - iBoost Credit

Business is our passion. Pointing people in the right direction to make their journey easier is what we love. So often we have ideas and visions and we just don’t know where to start. If you are willing to do the work, we're willing assist with the startup. We will literally guide you from obtaining your EIN, registering your entity with the state to taking the initial steps in starting business credit. We promise you’ll be surprised at what we can accomplish in a day.

3rd Period - iInvest (Real Estate)

You ever had a million dollar idea in your head and simply did not know how to bring it to life? In these sessions, we will sit down and transform your thoughts into reality. Want to build your personal and or business credit? Want to start a Airbnb business? We can help with your needs. Let’s get started, you’ve waited long enough. Fill out as much information on the intake form so we can get all the basics ahead of time. Don’t forget to let us know the main goal you want to accomplish with this consultation.

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4th Period - iConsult

We started Airbnb just last year and have learned so much in a short time, we feel like it’s time to share the knowledge. We get the most questions on how to start and realize this is the scariest part. Honestly, once you start you will quickly find out starting is the easiest part. Managing Air BNB's daily can be very stressful but also very rewarding. We can teach you the benefits of leveraging other peoples property to make major money. You will receive the information to get started and you will have access to us step by step