iBoost Academy
Accelerated Learning Program

We will be focused on creating generational wealth and financial freedom within T.B.MS. Quickly teaching you life topics that were not taught in school. 


Each Period will include detailed Cheat Sheets on each topic. The Cheat Sheets will be instructional steps, all information and links included to complete the task. Consultation, video and audio will also be offered. 


The vision for T.B.M.S is to catch us up to speed in the game of life they created to keep us down. Most of us didn’t grow up with a blueprint or direction on how to accomplish our goals. It’s up to us to help us and the generations to come. 


Elle.O.Elle || The Black Market Strategist♟ and her team has taken the liberty of studying and mastering these topics to create these Cheat Sheets. You won’t have to search all over the place for steps to complete task like: First Time Home Buying, Investing in Real Estate, Starting a Business or Building Business Credit, etc. These Cheat Sheets will have everything complied.  


If there’s a topic you would like a Cheat Sheet created on please don’t hesitate to let us know. Your input is greatly appreciated. Remember this is for us (The Black Market). 


Here at iBoost Academy it’s ok to CHEAT OR REPEAT. At this point if you’re not cheating you’re not competing! We’ve already done the work for you. It’s time to get to it as fast as you can, because they’ve wasted enough of our time. 


iBoost Academy Curriculum 

1st Period • iBoost Business

2nd Period • iBoost Credit

3rd Period • iInvest - Real Estate 

4th Period • iConsult


The Black Market Society

Receive 20% off any Cheat Sheet, and a chance to be featured in T.B.M.S news.

Thank You!